L & M Compressor, LLC

L & M Compressor, LLC is a group of specialists whose identity focuses on three areas of high pressure compressor pumps::
· Reliable products and comprehensive knowledge of high pressure applications
· Service: Provide in-house Technical Support if needed
· In stock availability
· Design and produce high pressure gas compressor pumps that exceed the existing industry offerings.

The primary purpose of L & M Compressor is to focus on the manufacture and marketing of high pressure compressor pumps which include; automatic drain valves, filtration and related items to the high pressure industry.  These pumps can be incorporated into complete compressor systems by system manufacturers. These products will also meet the requirements of the Global market for Breathing Air, Nitrogen, Natural Gas and be designed to UL, CE and TUV requirements. 

Company Philosophy:

Develop and produce a modular compressor pumps that can be configure into different models.  High efficiency and low maintenance costs give us a major advantage over the competition.

Our goal is to offer world class, high-caliber, compressor pumps and associated parts over the competition. The products will be easily serviceable, reliable, in stock, reasonably priced and accompanied by outstanding customer service.

Designed and manufactured the USA.  We use local companies to produce most of the components used in our compressors. The latest in 3D cad software and finite element analyze software will be utilized during the product development stage.

Our 5 cylinder-3, 4 & 5 stage, 550 to 7500 PSI block design incorporates the ultimate in long life, low speed, cool running temperatures, low noise, oil pump lubricated, high efficiency with reduced heat, latest technology in valve and ring design, and the easiest compressor for a technician to work on.

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